Seamus Scanlon Blurbs

The best book I’ve read in years.  Scanlon’s disquieting genius takes you “As close as you’ll ever be” to understanding the terrible beauty of the Irish experience! Michael Collins (The Keepers of Truth)

 The juxtaposition of the beautiful and violent in ‘As Close As You’ll Ever Be’ is quite astonishing. Seamus Scanlon has a unique, arresting voice. Jason Starr (International Bestselling author of The Craving)

 Scanlon’s mesmerizing prose reveals the dark humor and bleakness of the Irish psyche.  Lyn Di Iorio (Outside the Bones)

A masterpiece. Wildly disturbing and penetratingly truthful. I was mesmerized, horrified, amazed.  Peter A. Quinn (Poor Banished Children of Eve)

 A terrific collection of dark, haunting stories.  SJ Rozan (The Shanghai Moon)

 Like the best writers of noir fiction, Scanlon has a gift for the poetry of violence. Harold Schechter (True Crime: An American Anthology)

An extraordinary collection of vividly written stories.  Frighteningly real and memorably haunting. Thomas O’Callaghan  (author of the NYPD Lieutenant John Driscoll series)

An intense, dangerous, ride. David Bright (Gemini Magazine)

Brutishly beautiful stories that show the cost to the soul that violence exacts.  Eckhard Gerdes (Journal of Experimental Fiction)

Part Quentin Tarantino, part Joyce Carol Oates, part Seamus Scanlon —an engaging and distinctive new voice. Peter McDermott (The Irish Echo)

 Below the surface of the humor and mayhem is the truth of a brave, banal and tragic new Ireland. Larry Kirwan (Black 47)

There is a dark, poetic urge carrying the stories. Clem Cairns (Fish Publishing)

A powerful tonic that’ll cure the blight of romanticism in Irish history. The beauty of the writing is in stark contrast to the violence depicted. Gerard Brennan (Crime Scene NI)

Scanlon’s collection is breathtakingly beautiful and tragic. Sandra Seamans  (The Short Mystery Fiction Society)


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